Team Leader

Ra'anana, Center District, Israel


Fingenom, a self-sustained successful Algotrading company, established in 2011, is responsible for researching and developing algorithms for trading, and innovative developments in the field of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

We are looking for a brilliant Team Leader to integrate into a strong development team that develops infrastructures and algorithms for automatic trading on the stock market.

We are looking for people who live and breathe the world of research and development, and want to develop from scratch innovative products.

The position includes management of 5 software developers and algorithmic experts, and 1 QA person. In addition, the job includes hands-on work in developing software and infrastructure in C++ (in a WIN and Linux environment) and machine learning algorithms developing in Matlab.

In addition, working with Cloud Computing (Amazon), Big Data and.

* This is a rare opportunity to join a team that does fascinating and groundbreaking things, to work with the best minds, to integrate into fascinating developments and to enter a young, profitable and successful company *


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